M&J Fireplaces

Over the last few years, we have assisted M&J Fireplaces with Photography and Video services. Recently we have taken over management of their website and GoogleAds account to help drive more traffic to their business. You can check their site here: www.mjfireplaces.co.uk

Website Brief

  • Keep the same theme/design for the website but improve its readability and SEO ranking
  • Improve imagery
  • Additional elements such as opening times and slider

AdWords Brief

The client had been spending a large budget over the previous 6 months but was unsure if he was getting a good ROI.

  • Evaluate existing keywords and modify keywords if necessary
  • Review last 6 months ROI
  • Plan quarterly campaigns
  • Maintain monthly reports

What we did

  • Changed heading, menu and paragraph fonts to sans-serif to improve readability
  • Photographed installed fireplaces in customers homes
  • Built new sliders
  • Added extra elements such as opening times
  • Reviewed and removed ineffective keywords to existing AdWords campaigns
  • Modified control of campaigns using Google AI
  • Researched and added effective keywords
  • Built monthly reports to send to the client
  • Planned campaigns 3 months ahead using MI from the client
  • Built a new Facebook page and scheduled campaigns to drive traffic to the website

We are currently working on creating individual fireplace stories to demonstrate the quality of the design, build, and materials in each product. A sample page can be viewed here.



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