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Who we are

Formed in 2016, AVRA Communications are an independent company focussed on a new and unique approach to Website Design and Digital Marketing.

So many people we have spoken with have told us about the barriers and challenges they have faced trying to get their website, socials and digital marketing launched and how many of these were due to the people they engaged (and paid a great deal of money) to actually help them!

We are very different and take what we believe is a unique approach to these services. Forming a genuine interest in your business allows us to get to know its hopes and ambitions and help our customers to get high performing digital marketing elements in places such as their website, social media and digital marketing campaigns and it doesn’t cost the earth!

You Own It All. That’s right, when you engage us to do work for you, you will always have full ownership of everything we do on your behalf. Your website and all its backups will always be available to you and if you decide to go with another company in the future, we will make sure this process is effortless and build into our contracts an obligation to provide you with all raw code, images, videos, logins and passwords at all times.

Web Design – how are we different?

  • We write all your content for you
  • We professionally photograph your products/services
  • We SEO every page on your website
  • We can run your Social Media channels
  • We do this for a one-off fee – most of our customers pay just £1000 – then a small monthly support fee between £120 and £150 depending on their needs
  • You can cancel your monthly support with only 28 days notice and there are absolutely no tie-ins or lengthy contracts
  • You will own all of your site, all of the work we do for you, all of the time and have complete access to it at all time.
  • Moving to a new provider? zero complications – guaranteed

We have specialties and fields of expertise

Website Design

We are specialists in WordPress and customer design sites to meet your needs. Static, Interactive or eCommerce


AVRA can provide videography and editing for music and product promos as well as create motion graphics for Social Media advertising


We have a mobile photography studio that is suitable for product photography, corporate headshots and can provide photography for events

Social Media

We can manage your socials for you, making regular updates and eye-catching posts to attract your customers and followers.

Many Hearts, One Beat

We love being part of our customers’ success. We always seek to support and provide them with the best options and solutions to help them to win.

Paul McKinlay

We’re scalable

We have come a long way and something we learned along the way is to work with honesty and integrity at all times. A lot comes down to the quality of your relationship with customers and we always put their needs first.

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