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Having helped hundreds of customers to develop their digital marketing, website and social media, Paul’s Business Training background has allowed him to analyse the real barriers that businesses experience when trying to make their website work for them. At AVRA, Paul seeks to address these challenges by taking a unique approach to all areas of Digital Marketing and help to integrate them into your business plan.


What’s your site doing for your business?

Some websites are merely windows to the products and services from a business but we can help make it a doorway to exciting and successful customer journeys. Your website can be a platform where you successfully engage with your customer and distract them from your competitors’ offers to make them ambassadors for your brand.

We believe websites should be an integral part of your business plan and that is always where we start our relationship with clients. So..

“What do you want your website to do for your business?” Click here to answer

Website Design

Paul has found that when a business engages a web designer, they almost always require you to write the content for them.

When you work with AVRA to build your website or Social Media presence we will write all the content for you. We do this by meeting with you to discuss what is needed, collect relevant information and learn about your business and how this will fit into your Digital Marketing plan. Then we use our skills to write up a draft for your approval that will be optimised to meet your needs and perform well on search engines. Once approved, the content is owned by you forever.

What can we do to help you succeed?

We’ll talk to about setting some goals through a Digital Marketing plan and explain how we can help you achieve them. This could include a re-design of your website, promotional videos and photography or a plan to use social media to engage your customers and market your business.

At the same time, we will help you segment and classify your customers to ensure we can successfully target them.

AVRA have a broad range of specialist services including web design, videography, photography, search engine optimisation and social media management.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Some say it is the dark arts but Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, actually has clear rules that when followed can result in great search engine positioning. All the major search engines publish these rules and provide tools to help manage SEO. We manage Google AdWords too if you want to fast track your positioning but throughout our website design process we always focus on key parts of SEO when writing and producing your content. 

Our Other Great Services


All our work is geared to Digital Marketing so in addition to the great services above we can also make you a promotional video to show off your products and attract more fans.


We can manage your Social Media channels and make regular posts to engage and keep your followers interested, provide up to date info on your business and drive visitors to your website.  Content for posts can be created by us from our knowledge of your business or we can build a marketing plan with you to ensure the content meets your changing needs and scheduled to suit your business.


If you want to Do It All Yourself, then we’re ok with that too. We offer all levels of training to enable your team to design, create and manage your website. They’ll learn how to promote your business through social media and to craft your website in response to marketing analytics from your platforms.


  • I started to deal with AVRA Communications around July 2017 for a video promo then again in 2018 to redevelop our website. I have to say if you want a new website and a hands-on approach to helping your business old or new then I highly recommend speaking to them. Mint Eyewear Ltd has seen a dramatic change to it's marketing in a fantastic way.

    Phil McKeegan Mint Eyewear
  • We've had a brilliant relationship with Paul and his team over the years and continue to be supported with our website and lately our social media channels. AVRA have recently taken over our Google AdWords campaigns and we've seen a massive improvement in performance.

    James Mulheron M&J Fireplaces / Owner
  • Well here it is.....Our music video for Funky Jesus. Thank you so much to Paul McKinley from AVRA Communications for his hard work and patience on this project.We had great fun doing this and we would like to thank Donna and Ian Palmer for letting us run amok at their home and farm during filming. We hope you enjoy it

    Paul Gemmell Paul Gemmell and the black magic blues band
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